Practice Areas


First Amendment Law

The focus of our firm’s practice has traditionally been in the First Amendment / Censorship area. We have devoted our efforts to preventing censorship of controversial communications in all forms.

The firm partners have over 30 combined years in defending the speech rights of adult nightclubs and stores. We also handle First Amendment claims on behalf of other clients who are threatened by censorship, including civil disobedients, revolutionaries, anti-war demonstrators, civil rights activists, flag burners, radical pro-choice supporters, concert promoters, and musicians. Alan is also a long-time police union lawyer and a consultant on a broad range of constitutional issues.


Licensing & Zoning

Local and state governments often attempt to legislate morality and impose censorship by enacting restrictive permitting, licensing, and zoning laws applicable to controversial entertainment businesses.

Often these laws cross the line of constitutional protection afforded by the First Amendment. Our firm has the necessary experience to mount effective constitutional challenges to licensing and zoning regulations.

Alcohol Licensing

Securing local alcohol licenses can be a confusing and arduous pursuit.

We handle acquiring and maintaining alcohol licenses for over 100 restaurants, bars, clubs and package stores.

Criminal Defense

The members of our firm have decades of experience defending clients against criminal charges.

We have extensive experience as lead counsel in federal and state courts. We handle diverse criminal charges from racketeering to obscenity, drug charges, and driving under the influence.


Civil Law

We are prepared to handle negotiation, arbitration, or litigation in all civil matters in federal or state courts, including disputes between individuals, corporations, and/or governmental entities.

Our attorneys have experience in breach of contract, dram shop, and defamation matters. We have represented clients in R.I.C.O., section 1983 and other civil rights actions.


Business Law

We practice general business law including establishing corporations, limited liability corporations, and partnerships, contract negotiations, and employment matters.

We also draft and review contracts, employment agreements, and personnel policies as well as management and sales agreements.


Gaming Law

The video amusement machine industry is under constant challenges to its legality. State and local governments have banned certain machines and prosecuted store and machine owners for illegal payouts.

We have over 10 years experience representing the gaming industry, and have had considerable success in defending government actions against the industry. Begner & Begner represented plaintiffs in Ultra Telecom v. State, in which the Georgia Supreme Court held, in 2010, that the most popular video amusement machines are lawful and not illegal gambling devices. In 2012, we represented the plaintiff in the Georgia Court of Appeals which ruled that a south Georgia district attorney should not have hired private attorneys to oversee the forfeiture of assets gleaned from gambling raids in return for one-third of the money realized from the seizures.


Other Practice Areas

The above-listed practice areas are not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you have a legal matter falling outside these practice areas, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

We can likely assist you or locate competent counsel for your legal matter.