Occupational Tax Certificate Denied or Revoked?

[27-December-16 21:57:55]
Have you been denied an Occupational Tax Certificate or had your existing OTC revoked? We can help! Our law firm has decades of experience helping businesses throughout metro...

Business License Denied or Revoked?

[27-December-16 21:52:26]
Have you been denied a business license or had your existing license revoked? We can help! Our law firm has decades of experience helping businesses throughout...

Applying for an Alcohol License

[23-December-16 2:23:44]
 Is your business applying for a license to sell alcohol? We can help! Our law firm has decades of experience helping businesses throughout metro Atlanta obtain...

Debbie Harris

[1-June-16 15:56:52]
Debbie has served as a legal professional for 25 years; working primarily as a legal assistant and paralegal. She earned her B.S. in Legal Studies...

Content Evaluation

[18-February-16 16:48:45]
Many of our clients utilize our services to perform legal analysis of controversial and/or mainstream content prior to distribution. The firm’s attorneys are available to...

Susan Poloski

[4-February-16 3:54:39]
Susan has over 30 years of administrative and office management experience. She relocated to Atlanta from Washington, D.C. in June 2013. Susan earned her Paralegal...

Cory G. Begner

[4-February-16 3:54:17]
Cory has been practicing law since 1992. She attended Bennington College and received a B.A. from Emory University in 1971, and a J.D. from Georgia...

Alan I. Begner

[4-February-16 3:53:49]
Alan has been practicing law in Atlanta since 1975. He received a B.S. in Economics from the University of Georgia in 1971, and a J.D....


First Amendment Law / Censorship Issues

First Amendment Law / Censorship Issues

[4-April-14 10:53:28]
The focus of our firm’s practice has traditionally been in the First Amendment / Censorship area. We have devoted our efforts to preventing censorship of...
Licensing & Zoning

Licensing & Zoning

[3-April-14 9:41:31]
Local and state governments often attempt to legislate morality and impose censorship by enacting restrictive permitting, licensing, and zoning laws applicable to controversial entertainment businesses....
Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol Licensing

[2-April-14 10:08:24]
Securing local alcohol licenses can be a confusing and arduous pursuit. We handle acquiring and maintaining alcohol licenses for over 100 restaurants, bars, clubs and...
Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

[1-April-14 10:34:26]
The members of our firm have decades of experience defending clients against criminal charges. We have extensive experience as lead counsel in federal and state...