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 Is your business applying for a license to sell alcohol? We can help!

Our law firm has decades of experience helping businesses throughout metro Atlanta obtain their city and state alcohol license. Whether you are opening a new business, or purchasing a bar, restaurant, liquor store, or some other business, obtaining your alcohol license can be a daunting task! Even for experienced professionals, the level of bureaucratic nonsense and red tape can be frustrating. But for a business owner who is unaccustomed to the rules, requirements, and procedures, it can be a nightmare. That is why our clients come back to us again and again, year after year – because they know how involved the alcohol licensing process is, and how many ways it can go horribly wrong if there’s the slightest mistake.

So why spend days (or even weeks) learning endless rules, finding the proper forms, and arguing with city clerks who tell you one thing on Monday, something completely different on Wednesday, and won’t even return your calls by Friday? You have better things to do with your precious time, and as a business owner that time would be best spent doing what you are good at – building your future and impressing your customers. Leave the headaches and red tape to us. We already know how to handle every possible problem an alcohol license applicant might face, because whatever the issue is, we’ve already overcome it many times.

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